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Does your aircraft have a structural problem but you lack the resources to run it to ground? Are you in need of short-term surge capacity to meet a critical deadline? Don’t fret. The engineers of Nova Aerospace Structures Ltd. can be on-site, ready to help you in completing your project.

Finite Element Analysis

Linear, Non-Linear, Contact, Natural Frequency, Windmilling, and Buckling

We currently use the entire suite of MSC-One products. Our engineers also have experience with other applications such as:

  • MSC-Apex - Detailed sub-component level models
  • MSC-Patran/Nastran - Airframe level loads models, global/local models using glue contact, DMIG creation, loads extraction, non-linear, modal, and transient solutions
  • Femap – Airframe level loads models, subcomponent level models, detailed mesh models
  • LS-PrePost/LS-DYNA – Subcomponent level models for linear and non-linear analysis

Structural Analysis

Fuselage, Wing, Landing Gear, and Nacelle Components

Our team has experience with multiple aircraft platforms in development, repair, and modification roles. With our extensive aircraft expertise, we are capable of delivering innovative solutions to both simple and complex problems.

Development Experience
(Aircraft Type – OEM)

  • A380 - Airbus

  • 747-800 - Boeing

  • CS-300 - Airbus/Bombardier (Now A220)

  • 429 - Bell Helicopter

  • SJ30 - SyberJet Aircraft

  • Gulfstream

Repair Experience
(Aircraft Type – Operator)

  • CF-18 - Royal Canadian Air Force

  • P-3 Orion - Royal Canadian Air Force/ Royal Norwegian Air Force/Brazilian Air Force

  • CC-130 Hercules - Royal Canadian Air Force

Modification Experience
(Modification Type – Platform)

  • Large Radome Installations - Narrowbody[1] / Widebody[2] / Military

  • Large Monument Installations - Narrowbody[1] / Widebody[2]

  • Small Monument installations - Narrowbody[1] / Widebody[2]

[1] – Aircraft including 737, 757, A319, A320, A220, MD-88, Q400, Beech1900D
[2] – Aircraft including 767, 777, 747, A330, A340, A380

Durability Analysis

Fatigue Life Based on Constant Amplitude/Rain-Flow Counted Spectrum

Fatigue analysis is generally sufficient for parts with relatively long lives (>10,000 CYCLES) that are not Principal Structural Elements (PSE). For these analyses, we can determine material medication factors and geometrical stress concentrations. This can be done through classical methods where available or with a detailed Finite Element Model when necessary.

Damage Tolerance Analysis

Prescribing Inspection Intervals Using Commercial Software

For parts that are PSE or have relatively short fatigue life (<10,000 CYCLES), we typically complete a more thorough crack growth analysis using the NASGRO software. Our engineers generally use either public domain beta factors or Da/DN curves, but we have the capability to use our client’s information as well. Apart from this, we have experience with providing inputs for determining inspection intervals depending on inspectability for single and multiple initiation sites.